Product Designer & 3D Designer



A startup for a flight simulator company.


A startup for a flight simulator dedicated to train young pilots, more realistic, can train as multiplayer for army methods and fro civilians.


Army training pilots cadets, civilians big flight companies to help train faster and easier with an app that will connect between different schools to help the students finish faster and with better results.


Ux research to find the right market-fit.

Build an easy simulator from online check-in, finding the right simulator for army and civilians. 

Give the users the realistic experience and simple session.

UI UX principles

Must feel as close to the real thing as possible. Minimum cinema effects to make the experience clean and realistic. Clear input on the date, time, and info of the training session.

User flow

Make the pilot training simple and fast, login to the app schedule by location base and the user level, apply, and just go to the simulator with no need for any instructors.


  • Test user flows from check-in, flight simulator session to progress check.

  • Double-check with users real experience to the simulator for the closest felling as possible.


The company was closed after several simulators that worked great but head financing issues.