Head of 3D & UI UX Designer


A gaming online company withe several skins for different clients.


Online gaming, veraity of games, websites for difrent rigons.


Verity of players from many backgrounds, ages, and gender definitions.


Ux research to find the right market-fit.

Create a full research questioner and pop up fast questioners to get fast feedback on the UX strategy.

Design minimum clicks for users to play.

Design user flows to get the user to keep the play from gifts to action buttons for saying and more.

UI UX principles

On mobile minimum clicks on the screenAutomatic users that are not logged for a long time or have reduced playtime. Clear flow for start playing, add money in minimum clicks, and simple. easy access for members and not members.


For audits and sales-people start with mission status organized by urgent and location of stores.have simple access to map with an easy way to see all stores around and the amount of work there.For organizers instore start with missions bar status already inside a store 

GTH software

GTH is a big gaming company with several arenas on the web that's keep growing.