A mobile app that helps parents to find physical exercise and social with there kids, for more meaningful connection and fun.

The app helps groups to scheudall activity.


Parents that work daily 9 hours a full week and want to have fun with there kids and ​have easy cases to lots of different activities.


Build an app that gives the users the ability to build exercise and sun activity by time, child needs, accessories, and location (indoor, park, playground) 
Giving the process an easy flow and a touch of fun.
Find more than 300 games and 20 different selection options.

UI UX principles

Minimum clicks on the screen.

A gamification experience.

A bit of a child feels for a more comfortable experience.

User flow

A simple click, aim, and get all the information the user needs automatic. 

Head of 3D & UI UX Designer

Games examples.


A mobile App on google store.