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ARpalus is a B2B SaaS company that helps consumer-packaged goods and retail companies in optimizing their in-store operations, using real-time computer-vision.


ARpalus is a native mobile app, used as an automatic, fast and cut-costs monitoring device, recording inventory levels and out-of-stock items in real-time computer-vision capabilities. The monitoring operation proceeds planogram compliance.


The ARPalus software is designed as a handy tool for use by all levels of the organization.   It is an indispensable software for high-ranking executives, purchasing managers, sales managers, operation managers and more, down to the shelf stackers.


  • Ux research to find the right product/market-fit.

  • Creating a full research questionnaire to assess how employees from diverse fields and levels work and how to style the app as user-friendly as possible.  

  • Getting to know the clients' needs in-depth.

  • Develop a system flow that incorporates simple and easy operation for end-users, combined with the full range of our technology.

UI UX principles

  • Ensuring minimum clicks on the mobile's screen.

  • Enabling Automatic info via live augmented reality.

  • Maintaining clean and easy navigation info via augmented reality, anchored correctly.

  • Circumventing heavy calculations.

User flow

Simple click operation: the end-user gets all the required info automatically.


  • For auditors and sales personnel: start with a mission status based on criteria of time and location. The mission status facilitates simple access to the map, allowing full sight of all the stores and swift assessment of the re-stocking process.

  • For in-store planners: start with the mission bar status in an actual store.

Fast Wireframe

Audit App

Login Page.png

Main page : have user settings
         Missions by date
         Notifications button
         Map button
         Data button
Give easy access like a to do list 
and all the user jobs in on click. 

Missions Page.png
Missions Info page.png

See the progress and more info of each job
in the same page.


Data page : the user can see his general
progress in all jobs, and if there are 
images that are waiting to be upload.

Setting menu.png

notifications By urgent

Map Page.png

Map to see stores by location and easy 

Map Page – 1.png

Select the store and start navigation and

AR View 02.png

Augmented realty screen 
automatic scanning and show on screen

AR View 02 – 2.png

After scanning info per object 

AR View 02 – 1.png

Manager App

Add User.png
Manager Login Page.png

Manager main page : 
       see stores 
       add new stores
       add new Users
       add store/missions to user
       See the progress by user 
       See the progress by Store 

New Mission.png

Create new mission 
       add the store 
       add Products to locate
       add user
       add the store
       remove products

Store List.png
Progress_Page_By item.png

Page to see by categories analytics :
      By stores
      By Users
      By Item/products


Users progress more info

Mission List.png

Store list progres


UI Design

  • Focus on a clearly defined hierarchy of app missions and main action bar, to enable the users to operate the store's AR scanning in a quick and simple way.

  • Settings – access to passwords, logins and logouts and other related actions.

  • Missions' page – comprehensive info regarding the operation, the location, the # of items to scan, the status of anticipated levels of stocks, and such.

  • Start - direct the users to start a live AR view and scan the store.

UI animated icons for augmented reality navigation help.


Missions page - all the info about the job, location, amount of items to scan, the status of the job until now, and on what is supposed to be in the store and more.


Start - direct the user to start live AR view and scan the store.

Settings - manage passwords, team members, log out, and more.


Manegr app Demo on tablet.



The ARpalus technology is still under development, currently being tested in several global Enterprises Companies, awaiting near-future completion.