Product Designer & 3D Designer



A startup for simulation furniture, electronic device, and others in the user home space.


A mobile app that allows the user to pick the product from an e-commerce store and to place in his home in real size, colors, and move around, easy scanning the environment, and placing the items.



The idea was to start with the regular e-commerce users and to move on to buyers that are used to by at the real stores so the will start to trust and move to e-commerce.


Ux research to find the right market-fit.

Create a full research questioner to find how workers from different fields and levels work and what are their pain.

Build a realistic low poly 3D model that will be accurate by size and looks for faster loading from the cloud.
Design a simple app to navigate from e-commerce to Augmented reality easy, and to fix 3d issues that the app won't stick and the user won't be unpatient.

UI UX principles

Must feel as close to the real thing as possible. Minimum cinema effects to make the experience clean and realistic. Clear input on the date, time, and info of the training session.

User flow

Make the pilot training simple and fast, login to the app schedule by location base and the user level, apply, and just go to the simulator with no need for any instructors.


  • Create simple user flow for fast iteration from on-line shopping to home testing.

  • Check with the user's easy augmented-reality gurney.

Users flow today and with AROUN-AR app

Fast app sketch wire frame for concept approve

Some screen tests that did not got approvued


The company has changed direction and the app was changed and will be in the app store soon