I'm a 3D artist since 2006, expertise in army simulations, computer and cellular games, post production for T.V and more.
In the last two years I'm working in UX / UI, from research, through information organization and characterizing prototyping, while giving full technical graphic development in 3D or 2D.

Building flight simulator for flying school. Characterizing real airplane TEXAN 2A Flight Simulatorsystems for real time and VR engine. Building work and learning process that will shorten learning time for students and guides.
Characterizing and building VR interface for task management application.tor

Cellular application that provide games, information and ideas for all family physical activity.

Developing graphic user interface suitable for parents and children.
managing users feedback, users experience, adaptations and updates

3D artist & UX/UI expert. Characterizing machines by target audience and organization needs. Concept design and execution of graphic and animation. Leading working process with all relevant teams.

various project for architecture simulations.

from sketch to full realistic image.

Characters modeling and design for games.

high or low poly with rig and ready for animation.

pen on paper of dogs project that in the end i will paint all dogs races.

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